Things you do not know about snowy owl facts

Snowy owls are one of the kinds of the bird in the owl family and they have the native place in the Arctic region like Eurasia and North America. These snowy owls have the appearance like having the yellow eye with black beak and so it is easily identifiable. As well as, this snowy owl can grow up to 52 to 71 cms long with 125 to 150 cm wingspan. Furthermore, it can also weigh from 1.6 kg to 3kg.  However, this snowy owl is one of the largest species in the owl family, which is mostly residing in the North America. Averagely, the snowy owl has the lifespan of 9.5 years and it looks so attractive. In addition to that, the adult male of the snowy owl is appeared as pure while in colour, but the female snowy owl and the young birds may have some dark spots. In this article you can see the snowy owl facts in the most effective manner.

Diet and sounds of snowy owl

The snowy owl calls are different for each of them, but the most of the common alarm call is the barking like krek- krek. As well as, the female owl has a softer sound like prek- prek or pyee- pyee. They can also indicate and responses to the threats by clapping their beak. Actually, the sound is not coming from the beak and it is clicking of the tongue.

When it comes to the diet, the snowy owls mainly like to eat mammals which are ranging from small rodents to larger hares. Furthermore, they can also eat some small sized birds also like small song birds and medium sized birds like lemmings and the geese.  As this way, the adult snowy owl can eat nearly five lemming birds in a day and averagely, it can eat 1660 per year.

In this manner, the snowy owls are highly available on the place where the lemmingbird’s population is high. Moreover, they can also seem higher in the North America during its breeding season. Then, they can migrate from the Alaska to some other countries for the season. In that way, they are highly found in the northern United States in the winter season.

Reproduction of snowy owl

Even though, the owl species hunt in the night time, the snowy owls are quite different from this. In this way, the snowy owls hunt in the daytime. Furthermore, they are known to violently attack the other things that disturb their nests.

Mostly, the snowy owl’s mating season is mostly in the month of May and the female owls can lay nearly 3 to 11 eggs at a time. Actually, laying eggs depend upon the food availability. In that manner, if the food is available in the limited amount, then it may lay 3 to 5 eggs and it can lay 7 to 11 eggs when the food is copious. Their average incubation time is about of 32 days. So, these are the snowy owl facts and you can search on the internet.